Generate power anywhere with a Prime Power Solution from UK Generators...

Generate power anywhere with a prime power solution from UK Generators...

A Prime Diesel Generator from UK Generators can provide you with power even when not connected to or close to the grid. By using a diesel generator you alleviate many problems which come with national power, such as power cuts, power fluctuation (when considering alternating current (ac)) and location.

In Russia, the middle east and other arctic or sand desert based countries, having a prime or continuous diesel generator allows electric to be provided in areas not accessible from the national power network or power plants. These generators work by providing 100% power (prime sets) or about 70% power (continuous sets) for unlimited or extended periods of time, allowing you to power an area with ease.

UK Generators’ diesel ac generators are perfect for any workforce, especially those requiring mission critical operations to stay online at all times, whether for health and safety, security or to prevent your systems going offline. They can be provided to sustain any amount of electricity from generators for home backup power, to large industrial scale needs.

Electrical power; anywhere

When dealing with remote areas, such as sand or arctic deserts, it is vital to be able to power equipment for any use case. Most of the time the national power network does not supply electricity to these areas, so being able to power your equipment reliably and with the same output as the grid is vital. Bring in the Prime or Continuous diesel generator. These generators can be run most of the time without a break making them perfect for powering habitable containers or other areas which need a constant supply of electricity. Their reliability is key, which is why UK Generators choose Cummins, who have built up an extremely reputable name, for our diesel generators.

Diesel generators are perfect for usage in this scenario, as diesel generators are highly efficient and (although slightly more highly priced than that of petrol) diesel offers more energy per litre than the same litre of petroleum. For projects requiring a high powered generator, diesel is the obvious choice over any petrol or gas alternative.

Electric current to your appliances

It is extremely important to ensure that you understand your electrical needs before purchasing a generator, as purchasing too small of a generator means you won’t be able to run all of your equipment, and a too powerful of a generator can also have problems as well. By understanding your startup current, and running current, as well as the output voltage of your appliances, it makes the whole process of purchasing to installing your new diesel generator even easier. Be sure to double check you need AC and not DC power, something like an electric motor would require AC power.

Without understanding your appliance requirements you may end up investing in the wrong diesel generator, which can cause you time and money in the long run. If you are struggling to understand which generator will work best for you, our friendly team are here to help out. You can get in touch with an agent instantly via our live chat option (dependant on time of day) or you can view other methods of contacting us via our contact us page.

Where Can a Prime Power Solution From UK Generators Help You!

A Prime generator set can be exceptionally useful when mains power is not available, or installed. A few examples include (but are not limited to):

If your industry fits into any of the above categories, or you feel a prime power solution from UK Generators could benefit you, get in touch with a member of our friendly team where we can assist you further.

In conclusion, if you need access to power where mains power is not available, whether because mains isn’t installed, or you are simply in a remote location, see how UK Generators can provide you with a power solution to get you up and running with power in no time.