Having a power cut or any electrical problem can impact your business. A Diesel Generator from UK Generators can save your business from downtime.

Buying a Diesel Generator

Power cuts cause problems...

If you’re affected by a power cut at home it can be a severe inconvenience. We’re all more reliant on our electrical and electronic devices than we’d care to admit. Not only are we without heat, light and entertainment, we are cut off from the outside world in an era where a functioning wifi hub is the lynchpin of the household. All you can do is root around in the dark, fishing for the flashlight you were sure you left in the kitchen cupboard, huddling together under a burning candle and waiting patiently for an update from your electricity provider.

There’s no denying that a power cut at home can be a huge inconvenience. However, when your business is affected by a loss of power, it can be more than just a nuisance, it can be devastating.

What could a power loss cost your business?

Your business can’t slow down for a minute, and a loss of electricity can grind your operation to a swift halt, effectively costing you more and more money with each passing minute and rendering your employees incapable of being their dynamic and productive selves. What’s more, in some cases a sudden and unexpected power loss could lead to a massive loss of data, further sapping your productivity when power is restored as employees waste hours catching up for lost time and trying to replicate lost work.

The cost of this can be incalculable, which is why many businesses choose to supplement their mains-supplied electricity with a standby diesel generator to ensure that their business can weather a loss of power seamlessly without any ill effects or drain on productivity or processes.

Generating reliability

Of course, if you choose to purchase a standby generator for your business, this decision cannot be made lightly. You need a generator upon which you can rely. A generator that guarantees quality engineering and performance when you need it most. What’s more, you need a guarantee that you will receive your generator quickly to minimise the risk of being caught short in the event of power loss.

When you buy generators from us, you know you are getting the best quality at the best price. At UK Generators we are the largest UK authorised CPG dealer; delivering high quality Cummins generators throughout the world including Russia, Africa, Asia and the Americas. We offer first-rate UK quality and can ship quickly and reliably to locations all over the world to ensure that your business need not worry about how it will operate in the event of power loss for much longer. Our range of diesel generators are tried and tested in the UK before dispatch to ensure maximum reliability for your peace of mind.

Our generators are ideally suited to;

If your business falls into any of these categories, failing to keep a backup generator on-site could have huge implications for productivity and employee safety. Buy Cummins from UK Generators today for a reliable generator every time.

Fantastic prices

Our extensive range of Cummins Diesel Generators is not only robust and reliable but brought to you with the best prices on the market. Why pay more when you can get the most reliable generators money can buy quickly and reliably anywhere in the world from us at a price that you’ll love? Across our range of open sets and silent sets you’ll find great prices across the board as well as special offers which could save your business hundreds or even thousands of pounds.

While it’s important to invest in your business’ infrastructure and smooth operation, it makes absolutely no sense to pay over the odds in overheads. By bringing you the very best generators at the very best prices we can ensure that your overheads stay manageable and that your business maintains the cash flow it needs to run harmoniously.

Bringing you generators for a cleaner tomorrow

In today’s increasingly interconnected and globally aware age, we all know that we share a responsibility to live and operate in a sustainable way to ensure a cleaner tomorrow. You value sustainability and environmental conscience in the companies you choose to do business with and there’s a good chance that your customers expect the same of you.

Fortunately, our CPG generators are built with sustainability in mind and are industry leaders in delivering cleaner energy to your business. Cummins Power Generation invests heavily in the development of cleaner, quieter and more energy efficient diesel powered generators. We share their commitment to not just meeting but exceeding the air quality regulatory standards of countries in which we operate all over the world.

Since the mid-to-late ‘90s when emissions regulations across Europe and the US for nonroad diesel engines were first put into effect, CPG has developed technologies that deliver outstanding and reliable results while also reducing the primary pollutants in diesel generator’s exhausts. To date, the airborne pollutants in our CPG tanks have been reduced by approximately 80 percent. Pollutants like nitrogen oxides (NOx), hydrocarbons (HC) and particulates from diesel engines are well established precursors to smog and ozone in many of the world’s most populous conurbations. All of our generators use emissions-reduction technologies which are accomplished through in-cylinder design improvements and increased precision control over the combustion process.

This means that our range of diesel generators helps your business to protect public health, conserve our increasingly limited natural resources and ensure that your brand is visibly taking steps to ensure more sustainable and environmentally aware operations.

So, when it comes to keeping your operation effective and efficient while saving money and doing your bit to save the planet, it’s clear that our range of generators is the only choice. Buy CPG today!

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